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Learn about the language, history, tradition, and culture of Serbia.

Hotel complex

Surrounded by nature and sports grounds.

Safety and medical care

Your children’s safety comes first! Our team provides 24/7 care, always by our students’ side during the entire camp.

Welcome to MiaPatria!

The Mia Patria summer camp was founded with the idea to bring together children from around the world and provide them with a one of a kind experience of learning about the language, culture, and history of their homeland. In a romantic setting just outside Belgrade, your child will have an opportunity to be part of an unforgettable two-week program planned so that the children acquire knowledge and memories of their country through full-day care, educational activities, and entertainment. The curriculum we created lets our students become familiar with the traditions of Serbia with the help of carefully selected teachers of Serbian language and literature, history, and arts. Spending time with their peers within a variety of daytime and evening activities, the students learn and speak Serbian even outside the classroom. Field trips to picturesque landscapes, historic buildings, and monuments of the Serbian cultural heritage provide the children with an opportunity to feel the spirit of their country and experience everything that their parents and grandparents told them about.

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Camp Founder and Director

Maja Bjelogrlić

"Kids, welcome to the country of your grandparents. See the beauty of your homeland with your own eyes and breathe in our Serbia, where we are waiting for you with full hearts and open arms."

Kreativne aktivnosti


After successfully completed classes, the children continue with their day taking part in a variety of activities run by our staff. The daytime and evening programs include a series of sports activities, workshops, games, field trips, tours, and free time for socializing and resting.



The Mia Patria camp is located within the Hotel Stari Banat, 30 km away from Belgrade. The luxury accommodation nested in nature includes sports grounds, a swimming pool, a screening room, and picturesque gardens used for a variety of recreational activities.



The lectures, which will be held in morning sessions, will include Serbian language and literature, as well as Serbian history, culture, and arts.


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