Terms of service

Travel expenses are borne by you. Please provide details about your flight or other travel arrangements 72 hours prior to your child’s arrival. The children are supervised by our staff 24/7. In the event of medical issues, the children receive therapy according to the doctor’s instructions. Videos and photographs of children taking part in different activities will be used for promotional purposes for Mia Patria.

In the event of children causing disturbances at the camp and if it endangers other children, the parents are first notified and in case of repeating unacceptable behavior the child is sent home before the camp ends at the parents’ expense. In the event of using cigarettes, alcohol, or any illicit substances, the child may be sent home even without notification to the parents before the camp ends at the parents’ expense.

We recommend that the children do not bring large sums of money with them.

Reservations for the desired session require an advance payment of 20% of the total price. The remaining sum (i.e., the total) must be paid until 15.06.2020. In the event of cancellation, we retain the advance payment.

Instructions for payment in EUR can be found here.
Instructions for payment in RSD can be found here.

In the event of the MiaPatria camp program cancellation for any unforeseen reasons, you will be reimbursed.